Monday, March 8, 2010

The Sound and Colour Vibration Society

My name is Erik Otis and I am the creator and main operator of Astro Nation and The Pharaohs Den blogspots. Astro Nation has been running strong for a few years and has over a half of a million views! Thank you everyone for your interests into the sounds that me and various members of these blogs have brought forth. The Sound and Colour Vibration is a brand new multi media collective that I think all of you will take much pleasure in. Take a few minutes to read the mission statement and check out the blog to see whats going on!

The Sound and Colour Vibration Society is a collective of artists from all over the globe. SACVS has been designed to preserve the intellectual property of creative individuals and to document and create a hub for the maximum potential of creative stimulus. This is a multi media organization that is involved online and through California and beyond. SACVS includes members who express themselves in art, music, films, publications, food, discusion forums and all other creative matters bounded to this planet we call Earth. Please join us in activating your mind, body and spirit. We welcome all outsiders and boundry breaking exciters, become a part of the Sound and Colour Vibration Society!

Words of wisdom from Sun Ra: The sound mirror is what you see of you that's sound. If you're not sound, then you're not pure. Pure is real-sincerity and pure knows pure is sound and true. It's all what the music says of you. It's not what the music you say of it. IT'S ALL WHAT THE MUSIC SAYS OF YOU. The music is the living mirror of the universe.


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