Saturday, January 16, 2010

Thanks for the Support!

The Pharaohs Den Web Library is an internet archive that provides a doorway into an alternate reality of sight and sound. It is by no means a definitive source, but is an avenue to gain a footing in the door of artists you know nothing or little about. The Pharaohs Den Web Library has been a self ran project with no intentions of profits. It is an extension of the The Pharaohs Den Cultural Space Center located in Riverside, CA, an arts space dedicated to the enrichment of community arts and the preservation of intellectual property outside of mainstream circuits. This blog and the arts space is a window into various artists of all types of media that have in some shape or form, influenced and touched their communities, weither it be globally or centralized to one area. The Pharaohs Den Web Library has maintained a steady flow of around 150-250 users everyday, I thank all of you deeply who have taken the time to see what it is that makes us so passionate about the arts and some of the reasons why the arts is a lifestyle to all who are a part of The Pharaohs Den family. We all hope you continue to enjoy this project of ours, please comment and give us your thoughts!

72,472 visits came from 162 countries/territories

Top 10 Visiting Countries for the librarys existance:

(County/Total Visitors)

1. United States: 31,488
2. United Kingdom: 5,221
3. Germany 4,286
4. Canada 3,276
5. France 3,142
6. Italy 1,862
7. Spain 1,627
8. Brazil 1,376
9. Japan 1,294
10. Netherlands 1,255

The Pharaohs Den
3579 University Ave
Riverside, CA 92501

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