Monday, September 21, 2009


Biography below comes from Wikipedia

Hijack were a hip hop group from Brixton in London, featuring Kamanchi Sly, DJ Supreme, DJ Undercover, Ulysses, Agent Fritz and Agent Clueso. Their first single, "Style Wars" (Music of Life, 1988 caught the attention of the British hip hop community. Their next release, "Hold No Hostage" / "Doomsday of Rap" (Music of Life, 1989) became an underground hit across Europe, bringing them to the attention of West Coast rapper Ice T. Ice T signed the group to his own Rhyme Syndicate record label, and they recorded and released the single "The Badman is Robbin'" (Rhyme Syndicate, 1989). The track reached #56 in the UK Singles Chart. The group's debut album - The Horns of Jericho (Rhyme Syndicate, 1991) - was recorded around the same time, but Warner (who had a distribution deal with Rhyme Syndicate) did not release the album in the United States. Following this the group split up and went their separate ways.

DJ Supreme founded Backbone Records, whilst Kamanchi Sly and DJ Undercover founded Reservoir Records and recorded as Mr Pink and Mr Blond for a short. Kamanchi Sly changed his name to Unknown MC and had chart success with his brother DJ Pied Piper. DJ Pied Piper and the Masters of Ceremonies's single "Do You Really Like It" (Relentless Records, 2001) reached number 1 in the UK chart. Since then, Kamanchi Sly released two EPs in 2004. DJ Supreme attended the Scratchcon 2000 seminar in San Francisco, California, which was hosted by DJ Qbert. Supreme is an active DJ on the European nightclub circuit and continues to work in record production. His most recent project include the making of his semi-biographical documentary film, The Turntable Trixters, which chronicles the history of Hijack. The film was recently screened by the British Film Institute and a DVD is available.

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