Sunday, September 27, 2009

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Birmingham, Hare & Hounds 51208 (5 December 2008)

Recorded by P.J.Peanutz Edirol R-09
Pix by P.J. & Mic

Set One: Damo Suzuki, Kawabata Makoto , Charles Hayward with The Courtesy Group

Set Two: Damo Suzuki, Kawabata Makoto , Charles Hayward with Pram

Set one is Damo (vocals), Kawabata Makoto (Acid Mothers Temple) (guitar), Charles Hayward (This Heat) (drums) and The Courtesy Group (Al Hutchins-vocals, Chris Cundy-bass clarinet, Dave Baker-drums, Dave Cochrane-bass, Saul Hillier-bass, Hidehiko Nagai-guitar). Set two is Damo, Kawabata Makoto , Charles Hayward and Pram. Note: The two sets appear to be long improvisations hence no tracks or set listing.


SUNN O))) & Eagle Twin 2009-09-24 The Bijou Theatre Knoxville TN USA
Sony ECM-717 > M-Audio 10db pad > ZOOM H2 > SDHC card > PC > WavePad > TLH > Flac

Please share only in the original flac format that it was uploaded in.

Taped by Jerry B. aka "The Govner"

Eagle Twin Part I
Eagle Twin Part II

Sunn O))) Part I
Sunn O))) Part II

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