Saturday, September 19, 2009

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md1991-08-25 Hollywood Bowl

Miles Davis
Hollywood Bowl, Ca, USA 1991-08-25
Audience Recording

01-Perfect Way (5.49)
02-New Blues (Star People) (16.07)
03-Hannibal (17.58)
04-Time After Time (4.25)
05-Wrinkle I (1.17)
06-Wrinkle II (4.11)
07-Penetration (Incomplete) (8.06) (Removed)

Total Time. 57.53 - 8.06 = 49.47

Miles Davis. Trumpet, keyboards
Kenny Garrett. Alto Saxophone, Flute
Foley. Guitar
Daron Johnson. Keyboards
Richard Patterson. Bass
Ricky Wellman. Drums

Cass(Master)>CDR(Trade)>Wave(EAC)>Flac(Traders little Helper)

This is Miles Last Concert.
Infortunately I had to remove Penetration since it is available on the Live around the world cd.
Miles Happy Birthday quotation on New Blues at 1.13 to what I believe was for Wayne Shorter who was in attendance.
I originallly received Wrinkle I and II in separated form with a blank space between the 2, I left it as it is.

Long Live Miles


(dec 14, 1972)
Maison des Jeunes
Rodez, France

sound like a sbd - quality "B/B-"
checked for losslessness with traders little helper.
this one is also (probably false) circulating as
"LYON 1972-12-14" and as "France 1972-10-14"
but read yourself at

1. Gnome intro 0:48
2. Pot Head Pixies 1:24
3. Zero the Hero & the Witch's Spell 10:49
4. I am your Pussy 2:44
5. Why are we Sleeping? 3:36
6. Radio Gnome Invisible 8:27
7. I Feel so Lazy 3:36
8. It's The Time of Your Life 5:07
9. Tropical Fish 9:47

1. Dreaming it 6:04
2. Flying Teapot 6:55
3. Flying Teapot pt. II 12:54
4. Flying Teapot pt. III 4:46
5. Blues for Findley 13:30

Daevid Allen - voc, guitar, glissando guitar
Shakti Yoni - space whispers & vocals
Bloomdido Bad de Grass - sax, voc
Hi T Moonweed - synth
Francis Moze - bass
Laurie Allan - drums

more GONG at

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Inner Circle, w John Cipollina
The Orphanage, San Francisco, CA
July 22nd, 1975

1. When I Feel Good 4:45
2. Instrumental 2:16
3. I Shot the Sheriff 11:22
4. Love Me Forever > 7:08
5. Give Me Some More Of You 9:29
6. Talkin' Blues > 6:03
7. Why Can't We Be Friends 2:15
Total 43:21

Really nice audience recording

1st generation tape > equalizer > cd > eac > wav > flac

Really unusual show for John, this, but really a must to have, since i think is it the only John's collaboration with a real reggae band. Also, i'm not a reggae expert, so i guessed most of the songs' titles, so any correction is more than welcome.


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