Monday, May 4, 2009

S3 Music Newsletter May '09

1. Flamenco Video
My brother, Kai Kurosawa, just finished editing an entertaining video. I am joined by two fine musicians, Chris Fossek & Hugo Aguayo and together we are performing a traditional Bulerias (originally recorded by Paco De Lucia when he was not even twenty years old). Please enjoy:

Flamenco Video -

2. Spooky Polka
On the other hand, here is something different by Veronique Chevalier. Veronique was nice enough to ask me to be a part of this "far out" project featuring highly acclaimed artists from all over. I have a few copies of the CD left for those of you who are interested. Here is the promo video for this unique "Polka" project which I found quite entertaining:

Spooky Polka -

3. 1st Annual Asian American Jazz Festival
More info coming soon. This event will be in downtown Los Angeles, and I should have some comp tickets. Sharp Three is booked to perform on October 31st, 2009.

4. Gorgeous Japan Photos by Carlos Mascherin
My website now has the photos by Carlos Mascherin from January and February in Japan. It was his first time to go to Japan, and he offered to shoot the entire tour. At the end he had over 3,000 shots. The current slide show featured on my site will show you event shots, but later on in May, he will also have landscape photos and other things available. If the slide show stops, keep clicking "+" at the bottom right to go to the next photo. There is over a 150 shots, but some may not appear right now (...will fix the problem shortly).

Japan Tour 2009 -

See you soon!

Goh Kurosawa


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