Friday, May 15, 2009

Enter the Void - 2009 - Gaspar Noe

The 3rd film from shocker Gaspar Noe, he has been working on this one for a long while. The alternate French title of the film reads "Soudain Le Vide." Ultimately it's about a drugdealer in Tokyo who has to take care of his baby sister who happens to be a stripper. Not only is it not ready yet, it will be premiering in Cannes a week from tomorrow. Noe and crew will be finishing the film only 24 hours before the official premiere on the 22nd. While that is absolutely unbelievable, it still proves the man has heart. Although the only negative aspect would be possibly no US distribution until 2010. He's got 50 artists working as we speak on the final outcome of the post-production stint. He's got the hottest + dopest actress in New York working as the second main lead: 24 year old Paz de la Huerta.
He's got the newest motherfucker to hit "Hollywood" on main lead:
20 year old Nathan Brown.

It has also been stated that before shooting, a Gaspar affiliated French production company bought the rights to 10 minutes of unreal visuals by the visual artist Glennwiz:

Taken from a quote by Gaspar himself that he made right after shooting the film in Tokyo (where most of the film was shot on location) - "The reason for choosing the most modern areas of Tokyo as a setting is to further emphasize the fragility of the brother and sister by propelling them like two small balls in a giant pinball machine made up of black, white and fluorescent colours.
My previous two films, which were far less ambitious, were once described by a critic as being like roller coasters playing with the most reptilian desires and fears of the spectator. enter the void, whose themes and artistic choices will be far more varied and colourful, should, if I succeed..." -Gaspar Noe
Noe has also compared the making of this film to throwing 'a big big party' and that his 4th film after Void will be the 'calm Sunday' after the party. A happy porno!!!

10 second Teaser, more to come soon.


Hope said...

So, are you serious? No one in the U.S. gets to see this movie until 2010, unless she happens to be lucky enough to have been at Cannes?

Cymantics said...

who are you talking about? and it will be the US before 2010

Anonymous said...

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