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Daniel López Infanzón

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"Since I was a kid,my parents exposed me to a great amount and variety of music,and now I..m thankful for that.That..s the reason because of my very extensive musical taste for almost any genre.

And that..s the reason too many times I..m in a fix,'cause I hear something and I think,I want to do that,but the next day I hear another thing and I want to do that too,but I haven..t time to do everything I'd like to do.This have given me the posibility to perform in a lot of projects quite diferents each other."

I was born in 1979,March 21th in México city.I began my music lessons in 1989 with the great mexican jazz pianist Héctor Infanzón,and in 1992 I get in the UNAM's National School of Music,where I did a couple of classical recitals.

In 1999 I take part of the "II Internacional Jazz Seminary", organized by the "Universidad Veracruzana" and the "Berklee College of Music", where I gained a schoolarship.

In the same year I formed my first jazz latin band,and started to compose and arrange.This project still continue.Along all this,I continue my studies self-taught.

As I say before, perform with so many projects,artist and groups.Here are some of them:

World Music:

*With Lila Downs, mexican-american award-winning singer for the film "Frida". *With Susana Harp, , mexican singer & producer, with whom collaborate currently,perform in USA & México. He was involved in the team production of her latest CD,"Ahora".(2005)


*In June of 2003 is invited to join with the famous mexican rock group "Maldita Vecindad y los hijos del quinto patio" for the USA-Mexico's Tour 2003,performing in greater part of the United States and in all the México's states.

*Banda Old Days (oldies)

*Frida(Latin Pop)


*In 1998 is invited to perform with the famous mexican pop duet "Sentidos Opuestos" in the 1998 and 1999 tours for all the country and part of the United States.

*Mexican Pop's groups Kabah, Ragazzi, Jeans, in the 2002-2004 Tours.

*With mexican singer-actress Angélica Vale,whom in 2003 start her show,performing in México,Guatemala,Dominicana and Colombia.

Salsa o Son:

*In November of 2006 and March 2007 was the musical director of the band that perform with the recognized and well-known puertorrican singer German Olivera,Eddie Palmieri's lead singer, and Conjunto Libre,etc.,whom came to México city from New York in 3 exclusive show in the "Congo" bar.

*Again,in March '07 was the musical director of German Olivera in 2 performances in Querétaro and México city,

*In 2005 perform with the group Niche in 2 shows in México city and Acapulco.

Latin Jazz:

*He was invited in 2006 by the great mexican guitarrist Marco Morel,to participate in two TV programs:"Acústico" conduced by the mexican singer Eugenia León,and "Los mejores mú"sponsored by Hermes Music,México.

*He was invited in 2005 by the great mexican drummer Mario García(sponsored by Yamaha Drums) to compose 2 original latin jazz tunes for the demonstration on the Yamaha Mexico Shop.

*He was invited in 2003 by the great mexican percussionist Armando Montiel(Ricardo Arjona,sponsored by Toca Percussions) to perform in two latin jazz tunes for the demonstration on the Toca Mexico Shop.

*1st. International Jazz Festival in San Luis Potosí, México.

*Performed with mexican jazz singers like: Iraida Noriega, Yekina Pavón, and performed with mexican great jazz musicians like: Enrique Nery, Agustín Bernal, Pepe Hernández, Chuco Mendoza, Carlos Tovar “Popis”, Giovanni Figueroa, Aarón Cruz, etc.

Symphonic Orchestra::

*In June 2006 he was asked to do 1 of the 3 orchestral arrangements for the mexican tenor Mauricio O..Reily, performed by the Acapulco..s Symphonic Orchestra in July of the same year.

Another main artist in the mexican musical scene as a sideman: José José ,Armando Manzanero, Eugenia León, Marco Antonio Muñiz, Lupita D..alessio, Diego Verdaguer y Amanda Miguel, Fey, José Maria Napoleón, Carlos Cuevas, Mijares, Susana Zavaleta, María Victoria, among others.

After all of this experiences in and out of stages,inside and outside of music,here comes the 2007 and I..m planning my first CD,I think it..ll be ready on November or December.Meanwhile,here you can ear the demos.I hope you like it.

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