Saturday, May 16, 2009

Bill Evans Trio - 1977 - Eastman Theatre, Rochester, NY (FM)

A big thanks to Our Man in Sound, Prof. Goody, for once again lending his golden ears to make the music sound better.

This recording shows its age. Samples provided below.

Bill Evans Trio
Eastman Theatre
Eastman School of Music
Rochester, NY
Autumn 1977

Bill Evans, piano
Chuck Israels, bass
Eliot Zigmund, drums

Source: FM Radio broadcast > ? > CD-R trade > EAC (WAV) > Cool Edit Pro (See details below) > TLH (FLAC - Level 8)

Goody's notes:
Track 04 edited to remove redundant duplication of 2 beats of music.
Pitch was approximately 1 semitone flat throughout.
R Channel Amplified by 155%
Other small edits and fades applied for a smoother listening experience...

Notes from Bill Evans biography (How My Heart Sings, by Peter Pettinger):

"Eddie Gomez had made his last recording with Evans, but he continued to play in the trio for a few more months. In autumn 1977 a date at the Eastman School of Music at Rochester, New York, was scheduled. But (Eddie) Gomez had a recording session fixed in California and was unable to play. Evans asked his former bassist Chuck Israels to fill in and, confident that the problem was solved, discussed repertoire with him on the flight from New York City. Although it had been more than ten years since they had played together in a trio, it was easy to plan a program of items largely familiar to Israels. 'Summertime' was revived, with its catchy bass riff intact from How My Heart Sings, as was Bernstein's 'Some Other Time.' Evans began the vening by telling the campus audience at the Eastman Theatre that the program would be unannounced, but then got into the swing of introducing each tune, taking care to credit each one with its composer. In a route that would have confounded those critics who complained that he never spoke, he chattily introduced 'Some Other Time' as 'one of the three best songs which they left out of the movie' of On The Town. From the beginning he had been eager to praise Israels for his 'true improvisation' in stepping in. In a number of fine solos, the bass player's grainy sound was unmistakable, as were his song lines. This was one of Eliot Zigmund's last appearances with the trio, and all of a suddent the pianist was without a group."

01. - 0:47
02. Emily (Evans) - 6:56
03. Time Remembered (Evans) - 6:12
04. Summertime (Gershwin/Heyward) - 6:51
05. In Your Own Sweet Way (Brubeck) - 8:24
06. I Loves You Porgy (Gershwin/Heyward/Gershwin) - 6:14
07. Up With The Lark (Kern/Robin) - 6:38
08. Some Other Time (Bernstein/Comden/Green) - 5:40
09. My Romance (Rodgers/Hart) - 10:16

Total time = 58:01

Note: A video of this performance exists, though I do not know if it's in circulation.

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