Thursday, April 2, 2009

Empty Cage Quartet

JASON MEARS saxophones/clarinet
KRIS TINER trumpets/flugelhorn
PAUL KIKUCHI drumset/percussion
IVAN JOHNSON contrabass

"One of the best things in jazz to emerge in the new millenium."
-Brian Marley, The Wire

"One of the left coast’s most underexposed treasures."
-Troy Collins, One Final Note

“What a fine young quartet this is... they follow many different musical paths,
all the while maintaining a pretty stimulating group voice.”
–Jason Bivins, Cadence Magazine

"One of the most powerful and appealing jazz units currently active."
-Rex Butters, All About Jazz Los Angeles

"This music is a sinuous dance, but one where every move,
every exit and entry, every bob and weave, is made with razor-sharp precision...
the Empty Cage Quartet finds a new way forward for the modern-day free jazz quartet."
-Nate Dorward, Signal to Noise

"The MTKJ Quartet's music is the shit..."
-Gene Armstrong, Tucson Weekly

"Not your typical background jazz music, this local group is in your face,
angular, fresh, and assertively spontaneous."
-Zach Behrens, LAist

"Like urban folk music of the future..."
-Vicente Gispert, Amazing Sounds

"Wildly eclectic..."
-The Santa Fe Reporter

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