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November 05, 2008: Album of the Day Vol. 37: Alice Coltrane - 1970 - Journey in Satchidananda

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"A mystical excursion into the realm of jazz-infused Eastern music by the widow and the disciple of the stellar John Coltrane. Spiritual and atmospheric sounds flow out of the harp and the piano of Alice Coltrane and the soprano saxophone of . The title track opens the album with dreamy intensity, establishing the vibe that pervades the entire recording. Cecil McBee’s bass is prominent, flowing hypnotically throughout, and his solo on “Something About John Coltrane” is breathtaking. Pharoah plays majestically and with great dedication, making this one of his most passionate post-John Coltrane outings. Alice divides her time evenly between the harp and the piano. She demonstrates her unconventional virtuosity on piano with the 9 1/2 minute “Something About John Coltrane,” putting a distinct avant-garde twist on the blues. On harp she reveals an imaginative ability to explore Eastern sounds on an instrument largely associated with Western classical music.

Check out the title track for enlightenment. Rashied Ali’s drums swirl freely around McBee’s bass lines, intertwining with Coltrane’s unearthly runs on the harp to create magical sheets of shimmering sounds. The album’s single live track, “Isis and Osiris,” features some stunning references to the music of John Coltrane played by Vishnu Wood on the oud. This recording represents one of the most original efforts to fuse the improvisations of jazz to the entrancing rhythms of the East. Sit down, light some incense, put on this album, and assume the Lotus position."


* Alice Coltrane - Harp, Piano
* Pharoah Sanders - Soprano Sax, Percussion
* Tulsi - Tamboura
* Vishnu Wood - Oud
* Charlie Haden - Bass
* Cecil McBee - Bass
* Rashied Ali - Drums
* Majid Shabazz - Bells, Tambourine


1. Journey in Satchidananda (6:35)
2. Shiva-Loka (6:32)
3. Stopover Bombay (2:51)
4. Something About John Coltrane (9:39)
5. Isis and Osiris (11:29)

Alice Coltrane - Oh Allah

Alice Coltrane - Om Supreme

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