Saturday, November 1, 2008

Brian Ellis

From the Brian Ellis Myspace Page:

I have a lot of stuff going on this year! I have 2 new albums I'm working on. An album with my band Astra is in the works, which will be released by Rise Above Records in Jan of 2009. I'm playing keyboards live for The Egyptian Lover and working in the studio with him and Egyptian Empire records. A vinyl release of my disco album TECH-NOIR is also planned for release this year.

Be sure to check out my group PEA. It's the future of music.

My album, "The Silver Creature" is out now on Benbecula Records! It's available to buy from most major online retailers, as well as for download from I've made 2 music videos to promote the album, and you can check them out right here!

Brian Ellis - Say - The Silver Creature (2007 Benbecula)

Brian Ellis - Para Ti - The Silver Creature (2007 Benbecula)

..My first full-length album, "Free Way" was released May 21st, 2007 on Benbecula Record's Minerals Series. The album is composed of material I made from late January to mid-March of this 2007. This album is limited and features awesome artwork by Albert Herrera, so you won't want to miss it. Pre-order it now!
Watch the video for the song "Sewer Bugler"

The Benbecula Records' "Music Volume 4" compilation is out now and features my song "Prophecy Rock", which is exclusive to the comp. Also has exclusive tracks by the full Benbecula Roster. Get it NOW!

COSMIC PERSPECTIVE now available from EARSTROKE RECORDS! The EP features Brian's longest song, coming in at over 20 minutes, which makes up the EP's entirety! Also features some help in the drum department from the one and only Russ Cobbe. Watch the promo video!

Also check out Free Festival, my collaboration with milieu. Our debut album has sold out at Benbecula Records, but we are working on some new material for a release with Attacknine Records.

p.s. If the songs aren't playing, keep refreshing the page and they will eventually work.

Also check out:

ASTRA, Prog Rock band I play lead guitar for

PEA, Free Roll Improvisation Muscle Unit

Lights and Sirens, the now defunct instrumental rock band I was in from 2002-2005 (we're currently playing again, but will not be using this name)


The Silver Creature, b-sides/out-takes by me

Brian E, my disco/electro/soundtrack music

Birdzilla, self explanatory.

Record Labels: Porter Records/Egyptian Empire/Benbecula/Earstroke

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