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"DemonSlayer Soft Sculptures"
Created by Mailan Thi Pham

Created by DemonSlayer

"Dust Yourself Off and Try Again"
Created by DemonSlayer

Jean-Claude Vannier

Wikipedia Biography:

Jean-Claude Vannier (b. 1943, Bécon-les-Bruyères, Courbevoie, France) was a composer and arranger.

He was particularly prominent as an associate to Serge Gainsbourg in arranging scores for film in the later 1960s, though he later was to become a solo recording artist in his own right. His musical style was influenced by jazz, baroque, klezmer, oriental and rock forms, culminating in a unique attitute towards composition, fuelled by a taste for 'the wrong side of the music, the wrong notes.' He was originally a producer, but was demoted from the commercially important side of the business, instead being forced to produce for Arabic clients. This was, according to Vannier, an opportunity to explore further the musical genres he had formed a keen interest in.

He moved on to work as an arranger for Brigitte Fontaine, Johnny Halliday and Michel Polnareff, before being approached by Gainsbourg after the latter's association with Alain Goraguer had disintegrated. He then composed the scores for a couple of films in which Gainsbourg was the principal actor- Pierre Koralnik's Cannabis[1] and André Cayatte's Les chemins de Katmandou. Perhaps his most popular contribution to music, in the English-speaking world at least, was the arranging of the orchestra and chorus for Gainbourg's landmark album Histoire de Melody Nelson[2], a concept piece based around a funk rhythm section with a string and chorus accompaniment. Shortly afterwards, in 1972, Vannier's first full solo album, a conceptual ballet entiltled L'Enfant assassin des mouches ('The child killer of the flies') was released on a little-known French label called 'Suzelle'.[3] This work exemplified the eclectic influences acting upon its composer, and was completed with a short synopsis penned by Gainsbourg. The album never received much attention, however, due to the limits of its release- mostly in the direction of people working in the record industry. He was to make one more concept album, Interprete les musiques de Georges Brassens, detailing the work of the French composer with the same ensemble used on the previous album. He then moulded a pop career as a singer-songwriter, releasing a self-titled album on WEA in 1975. He has since largely withdrawn from the public eye.

Jean Claude Vannier - L'Enfant La Mouche Et Les Allumettes

Jean Claude Vannier - L`enfant au Royaume des Mouches

Pete La Roca

Drummerworld Biography:

Pete La Roca's decision to leave music in 1968 and become an attorney (under his original name of Pete Sims) cut short a productive career. He started his career playing timbales in Latin bands, changing his name to Pete La Roca at the time. He played drums with Sonny Rollins (1957- early 1959) and had associations with Jackie McLean, Slide Hampton, the John Coltrane Quartet (where he was the original drummer in 1960) and Marian McPartland. La Roca led his own group (1961-62), was the house drummer at the Jazz Workshop in Boston (1963-64) and worked with Art Farmer (1964-65), Freddie Hubbard, Mose Allison, Charles Lloyd (1966), Paul Bley and Steve Kuhn among others. He led two impressive albums: the classic Blue Note record Basra with Joe Henderson and Bliss, a Douglas session (reissued on Muse) featuring Chick Corea and John Gilmore. La Roca started playing jazz again in 1979 and has performed on an occasional basis up to the present time.


Pete LaRoca Quartet 1965 Recording Session

Don Friedman Trio - Circle Waltz

Jackie McLean Quintet - Greasy

John Chang

A rare capture of mystical healing chi master John Chang. John Chang is a reminder to all of us that human potential is far more vast than what we've been taught to believe. Such a rare and ancient jewel needs to be treasured.

Visions of Juju

Visions of Juju

Check out a few videos from the extensive archive of world music provided by Magic of Juju and Visions of Juju:


Bola Sete

Debashish Bhattacharya

Four Women

Shri Suvir Misra


Improvisation 1971

Baba and his disciples

Monday, September 22, 2008

Jacob Bannon - Seizures in Barren Praise - 2008

As posted on Jake Bannon's site Here:
The latest from stunning visual artist Jacob Bannon, it is the cover for the latest effort entitled 'Seizures in Barren Praise' by Swedish death metal group Trap Them