Saturday, August 16, 2008

Pink Floyd 1967 Dolls House Darkness


1. Pow R Toc H/Intro by Robert Robinson (0:46)
2. Hans Keller Intro (1:06)
3. Astronomy Domine (3:56)
4. Roger & Syd Interviewed by Hans Keller (3:53)
5. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun (3:34)
6. Reaction In G (0:40)
7. Flaming (2:47)
8. The Gnome (2:26)
9. The Scarecrow (2:14)
10. Matilda Mother (3:28)
11. Vegetable Man (3:35)
12. Scream Thy Last Scream (3:47)
13. Jugband Blues (3:53)
14. Pow R Toc H (4:32)

Tracks 1 to 4: Recorded BBC TV Centre, London, 14th May 1967; broadcast 14th May 1967.

Tracks 5 to 10: Recorded at BBC Playhouse Teatre, Northumberland Avenue, 25th September 1967; broadcast 1st October 1967 and 5th November 1967

Tracks 11 to 14: Recorded at BBC Studios, Maida Vale, London, 20th December 1967; broadcast 31st December 1967.

Transferred from the Sodium Haze Records LP "Dolls House Darkness" (SODA 69)

Lineage: LP record > Audio CD-R > WAV > FLAC Level 8 > You!

TURNTABLE: Linn Sondek LP12 (1987) with Lingo 2 power supply, Cirkus suspension
ARM: Linn Ittok LVIII
CARTRIDGE: Linn Klyde rebuilt by Expert Stylus Co
PRE-AMP: Naim NAC 72 with K phono boards
CONNECTS: Naim black SNAICs, Chord Chrysalis
CD RECORDER: Marantz DR700

Recorded straight from the turntable. I have not altered the sound in any way. There is some surface noise but generally I always think by trying to take it out you make things sound worse! So I left it in.

Special thanks to mrmars069!


Rare & unedited BBC 1 footage.
Crystal clear video.Nice resolution.
Pink Floyd Live on BBC 1 1967.
Doing Astronomy Domine.
Interviewer/Host Hans Keller.
Hans Keller interviews Roger and Syd


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Cool photo of the Small Faces:)

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