Sunday, August 17, 2008


i can look up too...

hi everyone!

do you like my artwork?
is it hip?

and more importantly...would you like to buy what you see?
its all hand made by me Dr.JERMx.

direct from the laboratory...continually being manufactured within these small walls.

i currently have artwork being displayed and being sold @
The Pharaohs Den
3579 University Ave.

Riverside CA 92501

there are also a few other artists still displaying for this month that i would believe appreciate the support and interest or disinterest of their work as well...depending on your tastes in visual expression.

i would also like to call out to other galleries and shops that are in need of artists with a bit of a new virus to infect some of the modern age through imagination and painting supplies.

because i do believe creative self expression is now becoming somewhat of a novelty.

and i know there are many artists who prove that wrong...

Jermx: Weirderside Artist-Another meaningless day in good old riva

bad livers and junkie tracks...

speed freaks and red cheeks
from the junk and the beer that is sold down the street
the fear from a barfly thats way past her peak
has no clue that life is changing more than once a week.

scared of culture
ignorant to reality
and if it seems a bit strange it is seen as calamity
the aura of hate is permitted by some
just for a beer and a safe place to run
with no lights on your scars
to be seen by another
from the rumors and lies
without those youd go under
never productive so its anger unleashed
and the accused are still moving with pity for beasts
these ones without truth will always be scared
since their lies are the only words shared
i pity the ones who show they cannot
become a true person without having a shot
in the arm
in a glass
they continue to blast.

the honest and true of the underground class
those who create with no need for glory
without needing a fix to continue their story.

its a fight to the finish till 2 am
of course needing more shots starts over again
in the morning the day and the night comes to play
there are those who create and keep it that way
yet its wrong to some and its bad to others
more hard drugs and beer make new unfit mothers
some cash in the til to get your fill
though you dont understand culture and you probably never will
its a game some play with the new change a come
and the loss of your youth makes you angry at some
that are doing the best to expand human minds
but getting them drunk is the best you will find.


We liked to give thanks to all the jerms spreading among this earth...The space aliens will unite an take over the universe...nah we don't need too...we are a part of it all...

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