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Albert Griffiths & The Gladiators with Yabby You
Locker Room Pub
Clarke University
Worcester, MA
Dec 4, 1985

sbd recording, low generation

Yabby Performs the first half of the recording
Albert Griffith comes on for the second half. Albert's
regular band, The Gladiators back up both artists.


The Gladiators, with opener Yabby You
Caribbean Culture Club, Bud Brown's Barn, Phoenix, AZ
October 23, 1985

Master soundboard cassette > ? > CD > Plextor PX-708A extraction (EAC v0.95 prebeta 5) > tracking (CD Wave) > sector boundary verification (shntool v2.0.3) > .flac encoding (flac v1.1.0)

EAC and FLAC encoding by Jack Warner (jackmw1ATsbcglobalDOTnet)

Disc 1 (9 tracks) [42:22]
--Yabby You, backed by the Gladiators--
1 Introductions [1:56]
2 Fire, Fire [4:18]
3 Why Them a Fight[5:11]
4 [4:29]
5 Fire Deh A Mus Mus Tail [6:16]
6 Acting Strange [7:52]
7 Chant Down Babylon [6:00]
8 Stranger To My Bredrin [5:33]
9 Intermission [0:45]

Disc 2 (9 tracks) [46:43]
--Gladiators set--
1 Introductions [0:58]
2 Reggae//Jamboree [6:23]
3 Not Afraid to Fight [4:38]
4 Take Your Time [5:30]
5 Hello Carol [5:20]
6 Dreadlocks the Time Is Now [6:18]
7 Mister Goose [6:44]
8 Stick a Bush [8:48]
9 Getty Getty// [2:03]

-D2T2 tape flip at 3:26
-D2T9 cuts before the end


Bob Marley & The Wailers
Paul's Mall
Boston, MA
11 July 1973

This show was seeded here:
by Wonderboy.

Here it's the Alternate Version "Remastered" with less hiss and better sound. This version was seeded here in 2005. It is my view and it engages only me and I think that the work which was made on the Remaster is a good job. Now you have the choice and I wait for your comments.

Source: SBD > ? > SHN
Remaster: SHN > mkw > WAV > Audition > CDWave > shntool > FFE > Flac16
Size: 258MiB
Length: 37:42m

[1] Lively Up Yourself [5:27]
[2] 400 years [3:34]
[3] Stir It Up [4:21]
[4] Slave Driver [3:31]
[5] Stop That Train [3:59]
[6] Kinky Reggae [5:03]
[7] Concrete Jungle [5:52]
[8] Get Up Stand Up [5:52]

Here's a tastey show for you Reggae fans, a classic from The Wailers, featuring Bob Marley, Peter Tosh, and the Barrett brothers, their first concert in the United States. The performance is an A+.

The Wailers Band

Lead vocals, guitar - Bob Marley
Bass, vocals - Aston Barrett
Guitar, vocals - Peter Tosh
Drums - Carlton Barrett
Keyboards - Earl Lindo
Percussion - Joe Higgs

Originally downloaded from Furthurnet in 2002. Seeded to STG Oct. 2003 with TAO gaps. Remastered via Audition to remove the gaps, retracked in CDWave, shntool verified for SBEs, and compressed to Flac. The tracking changes were very slight in an attempt to remove the occasional shouts.

The usual buzz and hiss that's present in many Marley shows starts towards the end of t1 and continues throughout to varying degrees. The original text file from Furthurnet claimed the source was "SBD", but is uncertain considering the loud applause. Then again, this show was in a basement. Also you'll find the following:

t4 2:43 low static for about 10 sec.
t6 0:52 small stutter and level drop in the L channel for 1 sec.

Thanks to Shunga1 who seeded this show the first time and Wonderboy for the Artwork

The Artwork is included.




Prince Far I
with Creation Rebel
B.B.C. John Peel session
First broadcast 4th July 1978

1 Spoken Introduction
2 Black Man Land
3 No More War
4 The Dream
5 Foggy Road
6 Frontline

Recorded 7th June 1978
Prince Far I - Lead Vocals
Clinton Jack - Bass
Vernon - Guitar
Charlie - Drums
Clifton Morrison - Keyboards
Dr. Pablo(Augustus) - Melodica

Rebroadcast 13 November 2005
Producer - Jeff Griffin

Hope you all enjoy this as much as I do.
Love and Peace to all.

Cass > CDWave > DBPoweramp > Flac8


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