Monday, July 28, 2008

Toucan Starflower from EvolveMusic

shapeshift yourselve into a spaceship

"toucan starflower is a myth-magic musical totem pole erected from the earth in order to give birth to words, winds, birds, worlds, tunes, tones and notes... moving in motion with the math of the moment... flowing in conjunction with planetary pulses. carving cartoons in moonbeams, doing Dune, doing things. a prescient presence presenting precious presents, an enveloping entity emerging out of ethereal essence... here for you. music is the key to shapeshift spaceship earth... two can starflower. we all can.

we recommend for full spaceship/body potential-- always listening to music on headphones-- the bigger the better...

"holographic myth language - music under the direction toucan starflower" will be issuing forth into illusionary time streams later this year, stay tuned for details and updates...

thank you for visiting. may the force be with you." ~ Toucan Starflower

Toucan Starflower Myspace Page

Toucan Starflower 6-27-08 Live footage @ The Pharaohs Den
Film by Issac Moreno HMS Studios Downtown Riverside, CA

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