Sunday, June 22, 2008

She's an Artist June 20, 2008 Photos

Many people often ask, what do they do up there at the pharaohs den? Do they have an adamantine space vehicle on the roof? Are they aliens? Are they involved in super-science mind-kontrol technology? Do they summon beings? Are they performing satanic rituals? Do ghosts walk the halls there? Are they communists? Feminists? Masons? Why do they have weird beards? I don't understand them. They scare me. Why are they here? What are unclassified services? Well, inspect these photos and you be the judge.

Photos by Cosmic Blacksmith and Jocelyne

More photos from this special evening can be found in our pictures section for the myspace page. Also, expect some videos on youtube in the coming weeks! In the meantime, check out the videos we have up from other events:

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Cymantics said...

Homie, i am in florence, it right now. i am limited on computer time but goddamn dude, the fuckin library looks amazing. you are making me hella proud and i am boozin and groovin to dark magus right now!|!!!!! We need some more electric miles boots!!!!!!!! Hope you read this as the stupid fuckin italian computer wont go on to myspace. Peace erik!!!!!!!! Ciao, - pouya