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Flying Lotus
24th June 2008
Sonar 2008, Barcelona, Spain.

A live set by Flying Lotus.

**[BBC Radio 1 is an FM and digital broadcaster. Bit rate on DAB radio is
160kbps, DVB-T and Digital Satellite 192kbps. This is the DVB-T recording]**

DVB-T (192kbps / 48Khz) > Nebula DigiTV > Hard Disk MP2 > mp3DirectCut


None available or indeed relevant!

Live Set by Flying Lotus [25.00]

"One of the definite highlights of this year’s Sonar festival was the Radio One stage, curated by Mary Anne Hobbs and featuring Shackleton, Mala and Flying Lotus (pictured above), who probably smacked it harder than anyone, mangling his already deformed hip-hop into new shapes and dropping hard house and dubstep."


Sweeping Up The Pieces Of Yesterday's Life - 3rd Edition (JPIO-II 095-102 / 08.10.2005 / 8CDR)
Compilation of all currently circulating interviews with Jimi Hendrix and The Jimi Hendrix Experience in the best available quality; Compiled from a wide variety of sources.
- Revised version of JPIO-II 070-076 "Sweeping Up The Pieces Of Yesterday's Life - 2nd Edition" (* upgrade, ** upgrade featuring additional material, *** new to this edition).

Disc 1: BBC Broadcasting House, London 13.02.67 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Brian Matthews for BBC Radio "Saturday Club"); 1:03 / Speakeasy, London 16.03.67 (Conversation between Jimi, Eric Clapton, Christine Charles and a journalist); 41:40 / "Twenclub", Studio 1, NDR Funkhaus, Hamburg 18.03.67 (Interview with Jimi and Noel by Jochen Rathman); 1:54 / Jimi's Apartment, London 10.04.67 (Interview by Leif Andersson for Swedish Radio "Pop 67 med Amerikalisten"); 1:12 / Hotel Intercontinental, Frankfurt 17.05.67 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Hans Carl Schmidt for German Radio); 17:19 / Falkoner Centert, Copenhagen 21.05.67 (Interview by Carsten Grolin for Danish Radio "Beat Forum"); 0:58 / Studio 4, Radiohuset, Stockholm 25.05.67 (Interview by Klas Burling for Swedish Radio "Pop 67 Special"); 10:59; 74:06
- The dates for the 16.03.67 Speakeasy conversation and the 10.04.67 interview are approximate.
- Some sources list the place and date for the 10.04.67 interview as Radiohuset, Stockholm march-april 1967.

Disc 2: US Army Radio "In-Sound" june 1967 (Intro *** > "Purple Haze" (1) *** > Interview with Jimi by Harry Harrison * / Interview with Noel Redding by Harry Harrison) 4:47 + 1:07 / The Warwick Hotel, New York City, NY 17-19.07.67 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Dan Paulson, possibly for the "Hit Parade" magazine); 25:12 / PPX Studio, New York City, NY july-aug.1967 (Studio chat between Jimi and Ed Chalpin); 0:26 / Studio 4, Radiohuset, Stockholm 05.09.67 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Klas Burling for Swedish Radio "Pop 67 Special"); 3:57 / Stockholm 11.09.67 (Interview by Leif Anderson for Swedish Radio "Pop 67 Special"); 2:00 / BBC Playhouse Theatre, London 06.10.67 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Brian Matthews for BBC "Top Gear"); 0:44 / Jimi's Apartment, London mid-dec.1967 (Interview by Tony Lopez aka. Meatball Fulton); 21:52 / BBC Playhouse Theatre, London 15.12.67 ** (Interview by Tony Hall for BBC "Top Gear"); 6:31 / Bruce Fleming's Photo Studio, London 19.12.67 (Interview with Jimi by Noel and Mitch from the film "Experience" aka. "See My Music Talking"] [incl. excerpts of studio tracks from "Axis: Bold as Love"]; 6:27 / Radiohuset, Stockholm 08.01.68 (Interview by Leif Andersson for Swedish Radio "Pop 68 Special"); 6:28; 79:31
- Some sources list the date for the "In-Sound" interview as on or around 26.06.67.
- Some sources list the date for the Dan Paulson interview as on or around 03.07.67.
- The BBC Playhouse Theatre, London 06.10.67 interview was actually conducted by Tommy Vance, but the interviewer on this recording is Brian Matthews. The reason for this oddity is as follows: The original transcription discs/tapes with Tommy Vance and John Peels contributions to the "Top Gear" shows have apparently been lost, all the chat on these shows are later overdubs by Brian Matthews for his Swedish (English language) "Top Of The Pops" RADIO show - NOT the famous British TV show. Seeing the source for the recording featured here is the Swedish show, the featured voice is of course Brian Matthews' later overdub instead of Tommy Vance's original. (Thanks to Renwick for sending me a mail to clarify this.)

Disc 3: l'Olympia, Paris 29.01.68 (Interview for French Radio "Pop Club" between shows); 1:57 / Press Reception, Copter Lounge, Pan Am Building, Manhattan, New York City, NY 30.01.68 (Interview by Jay Harvey and others); 21:26 / Atwood Hall, Clark University, Worcester, MA 15.03.68 (Complete Pre- and Post-show Interviews with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Tony Palmer from the Raw Sources of the film "All My Loving - A Film Of Pop Music") - Parts 1-9; 50:43; 74:07

Disc 4: The Paul Caruso Rag Sessions, Jimi's hotel room, The Warwick Hotel, New York City, NY 18.03.68 ("All Along The Watchtower" (6) / Conversation between Jimi, Paul Caruso and Mr.Wiggles / "Bright Lights, Big City" (3)); 1:17 + 16:10 + 1:51 / Record Plant, New York City april 1968 (Interview by Michael Rosenbaum); 5:15 / "It Must Be Dusty", ITV Elstree Studio D, Borehamwood 05.06.68 * (Interview by Dusty Springfield / "Mocking Bird"); 2:38 / Radio Advert for the Curtis Hixton Hall, Tampa, FL 18.08.1968 show (Bonus track) ***; 1:17 / Radio Advert for the Rhode Island Auditorium, Providence, RI 28.08.1968 show (Bonus track) ***; 0:23 / Pacific Coliseum, Vancouver 07.09.68 ** (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Terry David Mulligan for CBC TV "Where It's At"; Not included in actual program / Complete Raw Source); 11:09 / Winterland Arena, San Francisco (most likely) 12.10.68 (Backstage interview by Gus Gossert for KPMX Radio); 9:15 / Minneapolis Auditorium, Minneapolis, MN 02.11.68 (Pre- and Post-show Interviews by Tony Glover for the "Hoollabaloo" Magazine) - Parts 1 & 2; 5:52 + 1:42 / Jimi's Apartment, London 07.01.69 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch by Hugh Curry for Canadian CBC TV "Through the Eyes of Tomorrow"); 7:34 / Radiohuset, Stockholm 09.01.69 (Interview by Lennart Wretlind for Swedish Radio "Pop 69 Special"); 5:39; 70:02

Disc 5: Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 10.01.69 (Interview with Jimi, Noel and Mitch between shows by Niels Olaf Gudme for Danish Radio "Afterbeat"); 23:35 / Danish "Afterbeat" Radio Broadcast *** (Based on the interview by Niels Olaf Gudme, Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 10.01.69 between shows; with translation and various musical content incl. excerpts from Falkoner Centeret, Copenhagen 10.01.69 [2nd Show]); 12:50 / Studio Dumont, Cologne 13.01.69 (Interview for German TV "Beat Club" during an autograph session; With German voice over); 1:51 / Dressing Room Conversation, Sportpalast, Berlin 23.01.69 [incl.excerpt of "Fire" (53) from Berlin 23.01.69]; 8:39 / Jimi's Apartment, Brooke Street, London 24.02.69 (Interview from the Soundtrack of the unreleased motion picture "Experience"); 1:01 / Pop Expo '69, The Palladium, Hollywood 30.03.69 * (Backstage interview by Jay Harvey for KDAY Radio / Tuning up / "Blues Jam" > "Room Full Of Mirrors" (3) / Interview with Audience members); 6:01 + 0:55 + 5:53 + 2:48; 63:33
- Some sources list the date for the London Brook Street apartment interview as 18.02.69 (After Jimi's first Royal Albert Hall Concert, not the second).

Disc 6: Beverly Rodeo Hyatt House, Beverly Hills, CA 15.06.69 (Interview by Nancy Carter); 25:20 / "Dick Cavett Show", ABC TV Studio, New York City, NY 07.07.69 (Interview only) [incl.excerpt of "Wild Thing" (5) from Monterey International Pop Festival, Monterey, CA 18.06.67]; 7:36 / "Tonight Show", NBC TV Studio, New York City, NY 10.07.69 (Interview by Flip Wilson - Part 1 / "Lover Man" (19) *** / "Lover Man" (20) *** / Interview by Flip Wilson - Part 2 ***); 12:24 / Woodstock Music & Arts Fair (Woodstock Festival), Yasgur's Farm, Bethel, NY 18.08.69 (Post-show interview by Canadian Radio); 0:40 / United Block Association Press Conference at Frank's Resturant, Harlem, New York City, NY 03.09.69 *; 6:11 / "Dick Cavett Show", ABC TV Studio, New York City, NY 09.09.69 (Interview only); 6:56 / Noel Redding Interview by Klas Burling 02.11.69 (Bonus track) ***; 2:18 / Mike Jefferey's Apartment, New York City, NY 04.02.70 (Interview by John Burks for "Rolling Stone" Magazine) - Parts 1-5; 14:17; 75:42
- The featured Sbd Composite version of the 10.07.69 "Tonight Show" apperance is the most complete version of this performance available, and includes everything up to and including the introduction of the next artist.
- The featured upgraded version of the UBA Press Conference 05.09.69 is slightly different from previously circulated versions; Although it includes the same questions (and answers), the order in which these appear differs. As a whole, the two versions are however identical and features the same material, so no attempt has been made to identify which version is correct, and / or to edit the material.

Disc 7: Mike Jefferey's Apartment, New York City, NY 04.02.70 (Interview by John Burks for "Rolling Stone" Magazine) - Parts 6-27; 66:29

Disc 8: Seabury Hall, Maui, HI late july 1970 (Conversation between Jimi, Pat Hartley and others from the film "Rainbow Bridge" (ftbfs: OV 09)); 3:46 / Isle of Wight Festival, East Afton Farm, Isle of Wight 30.08.70 (Pre-show interview by French Radio); 0:32 / Stora Scenen, Gröna Lund, Stockholm 31.08.70 (Backstage interview by Klas Burling for Swedish Radio); 2:15 / Super Concert '70, Deutschlandhalle, Berlin 04.09.70 (Backstage interview by Chris Bromberg for American Forces TV); 10:43 / Cumberland Hotel, London 11.09.70 (Interview by Keith Altham for the "Record Mirror" Magazine) - Parts 1-12; 29:31 /
CBC/ABC Death Report 18.09.70; 1:43 / ITV Death Report 18.09.70; 1:15 /


BC - hothcanada
Tribute To American Hardcore
DVD Series

Vol. 31

Black Flag
Date: 1980-10-24 - 1986-01-11
Venue: (hothcanada - voltarized) "This Is Good 1980-1986"
Sets: 77min+
Media: DVDR
Number: 1
Source: ntsc vhs sources > sa > pc (remaster pic & audio, added menus) > dvdr
Quality: Varies

1. 1980-11-10 "Tomorrow Show" (NBC)


a)The Punk Phenomenon
b)Black Flag 1980-10-24 Baces Hall, Los Angeles, CA
c)Rona Barrett panel discussion with Chuck Dukowski, Garry Leonard & Daphne Vendetta

2. 1982-09-01 @The Ritz, NYC


a)Can't Decide
I've Got To Run
c)My Rules
d)Room 13 (incomplete)

3. 1983-01-14 @Mi Casita, Torrance, CA


a)I've Heard It Before (soundcheck)
b)Rise Above
c)Louie, Louie

4. 1983-03-16 "Basement TV" @City Club, Detroit, MI


a)Six Pack
b)No Values
c)Beat My Head Against The Wall
d)My Rules
e)Rise Above

5. 1983-04-30 @Mike Muir's Garage, Santa Monica, CA


a)My Rules (fragment)
d)Thirsty & Miserable
e)Six Pack (incomplete)

6. 1985-07-19 "Back Porch Video" @Traxx, Detroit, MI


a)Wound Up
"Henry On Melrose"
c)My War
d)Best One Yet

7. 1985-??-?? Much Music Canada


Black Flag live '85 clip + spotlight on Henry Rollins/ Lydia Lunch spoken word tour.

8. 1986-01-11 @Stardust Ballroom, Hollywood, CA


This Is Good


ripped by : hothcanada & notsaved(clip 6), djm5000(clip 7)
authored by : voltarized
thanks to : BC & Chris BCT.


Paris, France
1/17/75 (aka 1/29/75) <--- ambiguous date, didn't want to change the .txt file from how I got it. January 17th, 1975 to clarify.

1. Chain Reaction 12:10
2. Splash 14:07
3. Dizzy Dizzy 7:03
4. improvisation 1 11:04
5. improvisation 2 28:04

6. Meadow Sweet-> 12:02
7. Quantum Physics/ 5:35

if you move t5 of d1 to the beginning of d2 the result is two excellent discs of 44:25/45:42 respectively.
the filler track from Hatfield is missing.

21.11.1975 "Live @ The Polytechnic, Hatfield, GB,
mit "Tim Hardin" Vocals

17.01.1975 "Live Paris -Bataclan-, 2 CD´s
& Bonus Tracks on CD2, div. Live & BBC Recordings

(above information from

CAN performing live at the Bataclan Club, Paris on 1-17-1975.

The 2nd disc has some filler from Hatfield Polytechnic, Hatfield UK on 11-21-1975. Excellent set, so good in fact I burned 2 sets in case I lost one, and this one is only CDA, the *other* had the original NFO file and some artwork (CD Extra). Anyhow, enjoy this boot, it features Tim Hardin on vocals for the Hatfield tracks.

Lineage is SBD sourced and lossless based, I would rate it a strong B+ or A- quality wise.


(need help! please fill in... thanks!)

- rowper


The Mars Volta
24th June, 2008
The Forum Theatre
Melbourne, Australia

Taped by Blackstar
Transferred by Blackstar

Recorded from about 6 rows from the back, to the left of the stage.

Church Audio STC-11 Mics>Church Audio ST-9000 Preamp>Edirol R-09@24bit/48k>
usb>wav>Cool Edit Pro 2.1(convert to 16bit/volume adjustment/splitting/fade in/fade out)>Flac level 5

Disc 1 (74:23)
01 - Fistful Of Dollars (1:45)
02 - intro jam (23:15)
03 - Viscera Eyes (8:20)
04 - Meccamputechture (8:01)
05 - Goliath (22:50)
06 - Wax Simulacra (2:39)
07 - Ilyena (7:33)

Disc 2 (74:43)
01 - pre-cygnus (7:56)
02 - Cygnus....Vismund Cygnus (33:38)
03 - Agadez (13:54)
04 - Drunkship Of Lanterns (19:15)

This was an absolute pain in the ass to split into tracks for a number of reasons.
1. I don't know their songs too well.
2. They jam a lot so I wasn't sure which bits were part of a song.
3. It's hard to understand what Cedric's singing, making it hard to google lyrics for song titles.
4. I read somewhere that they don't change their setlist throughout a tour. I used the Sydney setlist as a staring point and they did play a few different songs.

I hope I got the splits and track names right. Please let me know if anything's wrong as I am a bit of a perfectionist.

The overall volume was increased by 6db. No other changes were made.

Do not sell this recording. Do not convert to MP3 or other lossy formats unless it's for personal use.


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