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June 12, 2008: Album of The Day Vol. 021: Pagoda - S/T

Taken from the band's bio found here

The band’s most notable member, vocalist and guitarist Michael Pitt, is probably most known for acting roles in films such as “Hedwig and the Angry Inch”, Gus van Sant’s “Last Days” and Bernardo Bertolucci’s “The Dreamers”. What most people don’t know is that he is also a talented singer and songwriter. Pitt has been performing music just as long as he has been acting. They found their label while Pitt was working on Gus Van Sant's film Last Days. Hired as a music consultant for the film, Thurston Moore, of the legendary Sonic Youth, was immediately convinced of Michael's musical ability. "All I had lying around the apartment was a crummy electric guitar," Moore said. "After some hesitation Michael took it and began to belt out a solo rendition of Lesson Learned, the first track off the Pagoda CD. I was taken aback. Not only by his rag-tag confidence in playing to an audience of two but by the song which was hook driven and emotionally genuine. It was at that moment that I said, “dude let’s do a record.”"

Before the album's release, a five track demo CD would be regularly given out for free at the band's shows. These five tracks would eventually make the final cut for the album, with two also landing on the soundtrack for Last Days, and be sought after by fans on the internet. Through the band's Official MySpace page the songs would go on to receive more than 200,000 downloads and new fans around the world voiced their support and appreciation for the music.

Pagoda continued to play new venues across the country in support of the album with Luca Amendolara filling in on bass after former bassist Jamie Kallend's departure and Ryan Donowho on drums. Audiences began to recognize the evolution of the band--coming a long way since their much talked about debut set at the Sidewalk Cafe in 2003--into something long lasting. It was clear to everyone that Pagoda wasn't just a novelty act for Pitt--it was the real deal. "This is where my head's at right now," Pitt told Blender Magazine. "Most likely it's going to stay in that direction for awhile." In press releases for Pagoda's Ecstatic Peace contract signing, Moore also added "I realized he was just some (New) Jersey kid who moved to New York to play in a band, and the whole acting thing was just something he fell into. Music was his real deal."

The band's final line-up was assembled in 2006. Included were Reese Carr on drums, Willie Paredes on bass and Chris Hoffman on cello. Though Pagoda has gone through many line-up changes, Pitt is confident that these artists will stand the test of time. "These guys are Pagoda, they are for the music and are gonna fuck all your heads up."

Pagoda - Pagoda
Ecstatic Peace!

1. Lesson Learned
2. Amego
3. Fetus
4. Voices
5. Death To Birth
6. Botus
7. Sadartha
8. Alone
9. Fear Cloud
10. I Do

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A Scene From Last Days where Pitt plays a Pagoda Track

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UmassSlytherin said...

I love this album. It is so awesome. I got it this year and I listen to it all the freaking time. I hope they play out again sometime soon. I am going to see them if they do, I don't care if I have to quit my job or whatever, or sell my soul even. I will see Pagoda.