Tuesday, June 10, 2008

June 10, 2008: Album of the Day Vol. 019: Ilyas Ahmed - The Vertigo of Dawn

Taken From Time Lag Records found Here

Much anticipated first proper release after a string of ear tugging and increasingly impressive private press CDRs. A real shining spirit in these somewhat goofy times of 'folk-psych' abuse, this guy nails it like it's in his DNA. Way beyond a simple formula, this is a complete tonal voyage. Opening the album with a dark ritual of dueling reeds and buzzing drones, things then erupt into some seriously burning psych raga excursion built from totally heavy, jamming, acoustic guitar licks, eastern grooving hand percussions, stoned backwards or fuzzed-out electric guitar splatters, and subtle creaky drones. The vocals are nearly unintelligible but swirl beautifully through most songs like floating smoky ripples. Woozy, head-bobbing, and completely there. Yow... Pressed on 180gm audiophile vinyl and packaged in a custom fabric textured, golden hued, heavy gatefold cover with black and blood red printing, plus insert. Un-numbered limited edition of 750 copies.

Ilyas Ahmed The Vertigo of Dawn
Time Lag Records lp (TIME-LAG 042)

1 Golden Universe (5:08)
2 Under The Singing Sea (3:08)
3 Behind Our Eyes (3:58)
4 Phantom Sky (8:00)
5 Moon Falling (4:49)
6 Unveiled Nightmare (5:40)
7 Return To Ours (5:07)
8 Light Grows Thin (5:49)

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Watch Ilyas Ahmed play in LA from May '07

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