Friday, June 6, 2008

June 06, 2008: Album of the Day Vol. 015: Kawabata Makoto, Anla Courtis, Rokugenkin - Kokura


Side 1

01 Mental Castle In The Mountains
02 Arigato Explosion

Side 2

01 Japantenna N° 347125
02 Satori Shower Camouflage

Aquarius Records Review:

Triple electric guitar attack, from Acid Mothers Temple mainman Kawabata Makoto, ex Reynols axeman Anla Courtis and underground Japanese guitarist Rokujenkin. We know what you're thinking, but you're probably way off. This is no psych rock blow out, some FX drenched jam session, instead, Kokura is two huge slabs of epic ambience, shimmering, chiming, glistening, sparkling, all of those ING things guitars do when they are creating gorgeous soft swirls of sound. Thick sheets of guitars are bathed in soft focus effects, and allowed to drift and gently intertwine, slowly and dreamily melting into each other. Even the noisier moments are strangely beautiful, soft fuzzy melodies colliding with dense waves of distortion, all over hypnotic melodic runs and subtle barely-there rhythms. The label describes Kokura as sounding like SUNNO))) at half volume, but it's a lot more delicate than that, at moments monstrously heavy, but at others, like a soft whisper or a ghostlike sonic shimmer. Really nice.

Listen to samples of this album here

Label: Riot Season
Credits: Artwork By - Junko Seguchi
Artwork By [Layout] - Smith
Musicians: Guitar - Anla Courtis, Kawabata Makoto, Rokugenkin
Mastered By - Anla Courtis
Recorded By - Rokugenkin
Notes: Recorded January 29th 2005 at MegaHerz(Mhz), Kokura, Japan.
Limited edition of 500.

Anla Courtis

Kawabata Makoto

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