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June 04, 2008: Album of the Day Vol. 013: A Tribe Called Quest - 1991 - The Low End Theory

Amazon Review by David Cantwell

De La Soul are remembered as the premier Native Tongues posse, those rappers who got low-key, self-consciously thoughtful, and jazzy in the face of gangsta's hardcore threats. But A Tribe Called Quest may have been even stronger, especially on their excellent second album, the bass-thumping, heavily jazz-sampled The Low End Theory. According to the opening "Excursions," rapper Q-Tip's old man says the disc's jazz-rap "reminded him of bebop," and Q calls himself "prominent like Shakespeare." But if Charlie Parker had ever written poetic couplets and backed them with funky-drummer and Ron Carter-on-bass grooves this irresistible, he might have been as big as the Bard and Brother James combined.


01. Excursions
02. Buggin Out
03. Rap Promoter
04. Butter
05. Verses From The Abstract
06. Show Business
07. Vibes And Stuff
08. The Infamous Date Rape
09. Check The Rhyme
10. Everything Is Fair
12. Skypager
13. What?
14. Scenario

Main group members:
Jonathan (Kamaal Ibn John Fareed) "Q-Tip" Davis – producer, vocals
Malik "Phife Dawg" Taylor – vocals
Ali Shaheed Muhammad – arranger, producer, mixing DJ
Jarobi White

Other musicians:
Charlie Brown, Lorenzo "Lord Jamar" Dechalus, Dinco D., Joseph "Diamond D" Kirkland, Vinia Mojica, Derek "Sadat X" Murphy, Trevor Tahiem "Busta Rhymes" Smith, Jr. – vocals
Ron Carter – bass
Pete Rock – producer (uncredited)

Technical contributors:
Skeff Anselm – producer
Pete Christensen, Eric Gast, Rod Hui, Gerard Julien, Jim Kvoriac, Tim Latham, Anthony Saunders, Christopher Shaw, Marc Singleton, Jamey Staub, Dan Wood – engineers
Tom Coyne – mastering
Joe Grant – photography
Bob Power – engineer, mixing
Zombart JK – design

A Tribe Called Quest - Jazz (We've Got)/Buggin Out

A Tribe Called Quest - Scenario

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