Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Billy Mallery



Eclipse at Paraguana

Another total solar eclipse, shot from under a Divi-divi tree in Paraguana, Venezuela. The key was getting the eclipse to occur in the "hole" with no branches. This was my first experience scoring music to my own imagery.

Film and Music by Billy Mallery

Cameron Stone, cello
John Sandor, tenor
Billy Mallery, piano

Eclipse over Apollo

This time-elapsed film of a total solar eclipse (above) was shot on location at the ancient Apollo Temple in Side, Turkey. In this short you'll witness an entire day whiz by from sunrise to sunset, with the sun fully eclipsing above the temple around mid-day. Time seems to just stand still during totality, and so I tried to enhance that sensation within this score.

Film and Music by Billy Mallery
Production Design by Wanda Chan
Post Production Supervision by Ian McCrudden

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