Thursday, June 5, 2008

Andrew Bees: "Militant" Music Video 2008

Andrew Bees
An Aaron Shapiro Film
HMS Studios Production

Myspace Bio:

Andrew Bees was born 1972 in the Waterhouse area of Kingston, Jamiaca. Andrew Bees started a young musical career writing lyrics praising Jah works. He began to sing early in his career among reggae all-star performers such as Derrick “Duckie” Simpson, Don Carlos, Sly Dunbar and Robbie Shakespeare, Michael Rose and Junior Reid of Black Uhuru. Bees toured with groups like the Itals, Israel Vibrations, Burning Spear and many other heavily influential reggae musicians. He joined Black Uhuru in 1998 when "Duckie" Simpson decided to premier the new Black Uhuru sound. It was then, Andrew Bees and Jenifah Nayh Connally became the newest members of Black Uhuru, a group that Bees would be the front man for nearly ten years. Recording songs such as Justice, Here Comes Black Uhuru and Warning he became very popular in the radio stations all through out Jamaica. He's recorded with many different labels such as New name Muzik’s Castro Brown, High Times label, Marmalade label, Music Lion, Ras Records and Visual Sounds. His solo career started out in Geneva, Switzerland in 1995 where he opened up for Israel Vibrations and The Roots Radics band. “Militant” was Andrew Bees first solo album, it was released in 1995. When he joined Black Uhuru he began touring through out Europe with Sly and Robbie and other reggae legends. Bees brought to the fans of reggae music and music in general another way of keeping Jah works alive. Through out the years he has composed and produced many Jah spiritual and lyrical works. Andrew Bees faith of the Rastafarian spirituality is definitely heard through his music and lyrical content. Now coming straight out of Jamaica, he has come back to the reggae scene in California. Soon releasing a new compilation album entitled “The Hardest of Andrew Bees Nyahbinghi!” Also, Bees is working on a new Militant remix.

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