Friday, May 23, 2008

RIP Walt Dickerson


Andrew Cyrille:

To all concerned:
I was asked to inform you of the regrettable death of vibraphonist Walt Dickerson, by his beloved wife, Elizabeth.
Walt passed away on May 15 from cardiac arrest.
He was 80 years of age and lived in Willow Grove, PA.

In sympathy,
Andrew Cyrille

The torrent listed below was seeded on dimeadozen, it contains a duo performance with Walt Dickerson and Sun Ra, don't miss out on getting this one:

Sun Ra - Walt Dickerson - Duo

Haverford, PA, USA,
Haverford College,

Walt Dickerson,vib
Sun Ra,e-p

01 Announcement Speaker 0:27
02 Title (WD,comp,vib-solo) 25:47
03 Announcement Speaker 1:30
04 Love In Outer Space (SR,comp,e-p-solo) 4:25
05 Title (SR,comp,p-solo) 3:38
06 Rhapsody In Space (SR,comp,e-p-solo) 4:57
07 St. Louis Blues (SR,e-p-solo) 2:24
08 Title / Space Is The Place (SR,comp) / Over The Rainbow (SR,e-p-solo) / Announcement Speaker 8:45
09 Title (SR,e-p-solo) / Announcement Speaker 7:26
10 Title / Applause 17:02

Total Time: 76:25

Lineage: sound board > dime > restoring with wavelab > flac > dime

Sound Rating: A-/B+

Below are quotes from Walt Dickerson. All of these quotes can be found at the Walt Dickerson myspace page:

"A MAN IS NOT A SEPARATE ENTITY FROM HIS MUSICAL PROJECTIONS. They're one and the same. Treat them as such, view them as such and then you get the complete picture. Isolate them, and you'll get a distorted picture, subject to your assumptions, which are erroneous 90 percent of the time."

"What one espouses verbally is what you'll hear musically; they're one and the same, but of course, that isn't taught in academia; those two areas are separated. 'Now let's talk about the man'- we've discussed his music, 'now let's talk about the man' is the way it goes. Well don't you know, when you discuss his music, you discuss what he's about; you're discussing what the man stands for."

"You know, I had models early on, then your quest becomes all-consuming, and you've accessed the unlimited area of creativity. So, occasionally, I'll listen to John (Coltrane) in my relaxing moments-occasionally. Other than that, I'm listening to the sound waves, the music that's carried by the ether that surrounds us. See, those sounds that are put into the air never leave. It doesn't matter the confines; there are always sounds around us."

"You hear the sounds now. That evokes other sounds; hence, there's a sea of sound. We just don't consciously listen and hear that sea of sound that we're in. So much to draw on! And that's 24 hours! It doesn't matter where you are-so much to draw on. We're so rich; our library is inexhaustible-sounds, infinite sounds."

"We must remember that the creative flow is a life-giving flow, and those that are about creativity are projecting and injecting life into the recipients, which I think is most noble and wholesome."

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The torrent is dead.
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