Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Nice Nice: 4-Part Seasonal Series: Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter

Sadly, all of these ep's are sold out and have been sold out for quite some time, am I glad I bought my set when they came out!

All album reviews come from Temporary Residence Limited

Appropriately titled "Spring," this is the first in a 4-part seasonal series of extremely limited CDs from the only jam band that both Kid606 and Four Tet will admit to truly loving. Perhaps "jam band" isn't the right term. How about "absurdly eclectic fucked up new-wave-noise-psych-ambient-electro-rock-no-wave... uh, jam band?" Call it what you will, we're just happy to be releasing such monstrous beauty. Released in a strictly limited edition of 300 numbered copies, these won't even be around long enough for your buzz to wear off, so don't get left hangin'.


01. Born Of Bells Pt. 1
02. Born Of Bells Pt. 2
03. The Bleating Of Sheared Lambs Pt. 1
04. The Bleating Of Sheared Lambs Pt. 2

The second in this seasonal series, "Summer" picks up almost literally where the "Spring" CD left off with four more sprawling, crawling epics best absorbed when you're feeling really low or REALLY high. As with "Spring," this is strictly limited to 300 numbered copies, and each CD comes with a huge full-color silk-screened poster. These songs are really too good to restrict to such small quantities, but we did it anyways.


01. Crown & Corona
02. Cowboys Are Indians
03. Crickets & Cicadas Pt. 1
04. Crickets & Cicadas Pt. 2

The third in this seasonal series of albums by Nice Nice veers off-course completely from the first two albums, and we're all the better for it. This gem of an album is by far the most accessible Nice Nice recording ever, and appropriately reminds us of the best things about the bustling holiday season. Beyond the stress, the anxiety, the material worship (and the religious worship, for that matter), there is an inherent innocent beauty to the fall that is virtually indescribable, and we'll be damned if this wasn't the perfect soundtrack for it. Released in a strictly limited edition of 300 copies, needless to say these are already almost gone.


01. Dawn of Dusk
02. Down, Down, Down Pt. 1
03. Dusk of Dawn
04. Down, Down, Down Pt. 2

The fourth and final album in the Nice Nice seasonal series brings us back full circle to the drift and drone of the Spring and Summer albums, albeit more aggressive and twisted in its ominous beauty. Certainly the darkest album in the series, this single 24-minute track temporarily stops time and might even make you second guess the thoughts in your own head. It's supposed to sound that way. With only 300 limited edition, numbered copies made, you better be gettin' while there's still gettin' to be got!


01. And Many More

Check out a 2005 performance from Nice Nice that showcases more of a heavier side than what is on the seasonal releases:

Temporary Residence Limited Bio:

Formally carrying the name Nice Nice since 1999, guitarist Jason Buehler and percussionist Mark Shirazi have been playing music together for over ten years. Their intense rhythmic dialogue heard in their songs speaks volumes about the connection between the two as they layer runaway melodies and free-form noise into some of the most creative beat-based rock music you will ever hear. It's not unrealistic to assume that you've never heard anything like it, as most everyone that's ever witnessed their awe-inspiring live shows is left speechless, with nothing to compare it to. Most shocking is the fact that it's largely improvisational and always live. No overdubs, no samples. Certainly not the first band to successfully trap virtuoso playing into loops that you can dance to, Nice Nice has definitely done so with the least amount of pretense, making it both intellectually stimulating and fun as hell to listen to. They say it, we believe it, and that settles it!

Music Video For The Song Pulp

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