Monday, May 26, 2008

May 26, 2008: Album of the Day Vol. 004: Kayo Dot - 2008 - Blue Lambency Downward

"Multi-instrumentalists Toby Driver and Mia Matsumiya lull you into a dream state with a small cavalcade of instrumentation, plying an almost noir sensibility at once moody and contemplative, bristling and demure. An unclassifiable masterpiece."


1. Blue Lambency Downward
2. Clelia Walking
3. Right Hand is the One I Want
4. The Sow Submits
5. The Awkward Wind Wheel
6. The Useless Ladder
7. Symmetrical Arizona

Musicians Present on This Recording:

Toby Driver - acoustic, electric, 12-string, baritone, and bass guitars, soprano clarinet, voice, piano, organ, gamelan instruments, analog synth, laptop mellotron
Mia Matsumiya - violin, voice

w/ guests:

Charlie Zeleny (Behold... the Arctopus) - drumset
Skerik - tenor and baritone sax, vibraphone
Hans Teuber - soprano and bass clarinets, alto sax, flute
Dave Abramson (Diminished Men) - gamelan instruments & additional percussion
B.R.A.D. (ASVA, Master Musicians of Bukkake)- additional vocals
Randall Dunn - sound effects and synth design

Listen to the entire album streamed for free here

Kayo Dot Live @ Hot Mama's in Austin, TX during SXSW 2008

Kayo Dot performing "The Uselss Ladder" at Monkey Town, 3/18/08. Featuring original video projections by Yuko Sueta.

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