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Paul Laffoley: Laffoley's Odyssey

Youtube user pdog2000:

"Laffoley's Odyssey is currently a work in progress, a short 5 minute film that documents Paul Laffoley. He's a 64 year old man who works in a small windowless room where he creates intensely detailed paintings of futuristic engineering projects, diagrams of time machines and portals to other dimensions. A self-imposed hermit who paints obsessively and who has far-fetched ideas can easily be dismissed. Is he a modern day daVinci, ahead of his time that he's misunderstood? If so, what if Laffoley is never discovered?"


"Paul Laffoley is an inspirational artist and a visionary. With big ideas about how to change the planet, perhaps some of his ideas will not be taken seriously unill many years to come. He presents himself as a hermit, someone who spends hours locked away, yet his talks are full of excitement and potential, bursting with possibility. I cling to his everyword, a man who makes all things seem possible. Portals, wormholes and even time travel never seem far away when dealing with Paul Laffoley."

From The Paul Lafolley Myspace Page

Hi To New and Old Friends!

There is fresh content at the website. Now instead of just gawking in stunned amazement, you can look into the fine details and concepts illustrated in Laffoley's art and read all the text encoded on the paintings.
Short intro: My name is Michael Coleman (Miqel) and i've been a fan and student of Laffoley's art since 1994. When the internet expanded I was surprised to see almost nothing about Laffoley online. Feeling that Paul's art & information was under-known to a general audience, I scanned as many images as I could and posted a gallery at in 2003.
Eventually someone showed the website to Paul and he said "have this guy give me a call, i'd like to speak with him". So his friend emailed me and I was lucky enough to contact Mr. Laffoley by phone in August 2005 and proposed the idea of creating a site to explain his ideas mo re clearly and reach out to a wider audience of concerned planetary citizens. He agreed and offered to share more details about his ideas on the future. Paul did not seem to have made the connection that his art is perfectly formatted for the 'Internet Generation' that is accustomed to information-dense presentations and was perfect for many people actively seeking 'convergent' paradigms to contextualize our seemingly insane planetary situation and the massive change our planet is undergoing.

The site turned 1 year old in late Feb. and a fairly good bit has been accomplished. This work is principally supported by donations from online friends to the Laffoleyarchive fund on PayPal. ALL of the images on the Laffoley profile and are hosted at Pair Networks which has 100% carbon-offset program for 'green servers', ["As of August 1st, 2007, all of pair Networks' operations, including datacenters, support operations, and administrative facilities, ar e Carbon Neutral. Our status as a Carbon Neutral company is certified through TerraPass, Inc."] ... so visiting the profile and archive doesn't directly destroy the universe! If you enjoy the profile and site, chip in any amount to help further expand the archive site and assist with increasing bandwidth/hosting costs.

The LaffoleyArchive owes its existence to the many groovy Myspace friends who joined the profile and expressed a desire to know more about Laffoley's art. The site is a volunteer effort conceived, developed, designed, produced and managed by myself. It's not Paul's "official" site (which is run by Kent Galley, NYC), Paul has agreed to assist in clarifying his ideas and exchanging information for the Archive.

Sections that have been updated in April/May are:

Ever-Growing Chronological Paintings List
All paintings I have images for from 1966 through 2007, with date, image descriptions, thumbnails and material/canvas details.

Three Sections:

1. Early Works, 1966 To 1976 -

2. Mid-Phase, 1976 To 1996 -

3. Current Works, 1996 To Now -

This is a large gallery of images, but represents a small portion (about 40 percent) of his full works, which are still being documented.

Retypes of all the Fine Print and Concept Details of Selected Paintings.
This is the most time-consuming but rewarding part of developing this site. Transcribing these works is a great mental exercise to re-present these holistic works as a linear textual/visual web format, and i am always astounded by the logic and symmetry of concepts when examining the details. After many emails asking what the 'fine print' says, I've retyped 6 paintings IN FULL so far, along with the clearest context & detail-images I have been able to obtain.






on the way ....
THE METATRON (80% finished)
THE SOLITRON (in development)
THE THANATON III (in development)
THE LEVOGYRE (presented at readable size)


Got a good portion of the section on Pre and Post History Finished, outlining the dawn on mankind on through the year 2680!
Just making these pages & retyping this info pushed my brain almost beyond its capacity.
Paul Laffoley is a GENIUS or something even Beyond Genius!
1. TimeLine of Macro-History & the Zeitgeist
2. Timeline of the Cosmic Task 3000 B.C. through 2680 A.D.

Laffoley GLOSSARY and INDEX OF TERMS: Started compiling the odd terms, unusual words and concepts that Laffoley references or illustrates in his art.
This part takes careful thinking to accomplish because the definitions need to be presented that match the context in which Laffoley uses them in the paintings ... help out if you're inspired, it's "Fun"!

Laffoley's Inspiration: 'In Homage' Listings
Laffoley's "In Homage To:" attributions at the bottom of each painting are the KEY to understanding the essential background concepts behind each painting or invention.
The primary list is started and eventually will be linked to Wikipedia entries for these individuals and each name will have links back to the various Laffoley paintings they are dedicated to.

Inventions and Ideas
Recently added a page on the LEVOGYRE, this is the core of the 2012 time-machine. The Levogyre is a gyroscopic device which theoretically produces mechanical levitation and time dilation.

Also started a page for the THANATON (as a classical form) last month -

Laffoley Audio Pages
Comprehensive links to all available interviews with Paul Laffoley available online. Currently there are a total of almost 20 hours of mp3s with Paul explaining his art and ideas about the past, present and futures. Interviews from The Freeman Perspective, Phase II Podcast, Mike Hagan's RadiOrbit and Paul's full presentation at ESOZONE 2007 (with thanks to Nick, GreyLodge and Alterati). At the bottom of the page are about 25 shorter mp3 downloads extracted from the interviews and arranged by topic.

Laffoley Video Pages
Embedded videos and links to all available online videos. Includes the trailer for the upcoming "Laffoley's Odyssey" film, the Disinfo interviews and Paul with Richard Metzger on the 'infinity factory' from the late 1990s.

Thanks, Love and Peace to everyone!
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