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Jerry Garcia & Friends - Jefferson Airplane House (10/28/69)

From Google Earth Hacks:

In the late spring or early summer of 1968, this San Francisco mansion was sold by its then-present owner, a gentleman in his eighties or nineties, to a local rock group called Jefferson Airplane. The group quickly customized the interior, installing a 4-track recording studio in the basement, putting in ping-pong and pool tables, strewing electronic gadgets everywhere, throwing posters on the walls, and taking in all manner of stray cats (feline and otherwise).

Immediately the house, henceforth known in rock lore simply as 2400 Fulton, or the Airplane House, became a magnet for all manner of visiting fans, musicians, groupies, dope dealers, snake oil salesmen, oddballs and those simply curious about what the house and its occupants might offer them.

And the parties became legendary. If you look at the cover of the Airplane's album "Bless Its Pointed Little Head," you can see a shot of the banquet hall in the mansion all fitted out for a party (that's bassist Jack Cassidy passed out beside a bottle of champagne).

Jerry Garcia & Friends - Jefferson Airplane House (10/28/69):

Jerry Garcia
2400 Fulton Street - Jefferson Airplane House
San Francisco, CA

Source: SBD > MR > Cass > DAT > CDR >
WAV > CDR; via EAC/trade from Morgan Evans >
EAC > CDWAV > SHN; via Rick Lepley

1. Been All Around This World [04:00]
2. Big Boss Man [06:28]
3. Jam (Stormy Monday Theme) [13:57]
4. Slow Blues [07:19]
5. Jam [05:28]
6. Jam [19:19]
Total: [56:34]

Great disc! The sound quality is exceptional IMO, it almost sounds like it was
recorded in a studio setup.

The lineup is reportedly the following:
Jerry Garcia - Guitar
Jorma Kaukonen - Guitar
Jack Cassady - Bass
Mickey Hart - Percussion
Spencer Dryden - Percussion

Known Flaws:
A high pitched tone which was present on my CDR copy at roughly 0:12 - 0:23
of track 01 was edited out using EAC's wave editing function.
A 1-second pause at about 14:19-14:20 on the master dt06 was edited out also using EAC.

Much thanks to Morgan Evans for putting this gem into my hands!
Uploaded and distributed by Andy Lepley

These shn files are seekable in your shnamp.

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