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Can - Canobits (Rare Studio & Live Material)


Vitamin C

The text below comes from a recently seeded torrent found here

Ok... Hi again folks. Next up I thought I would offer up the somewhat renowned 4 CD set known as 'Canobits' by the group Can. This has been offered up at least twice before on Dime and I believe other sites as well. In fact, it is still there now at Dime, but as a dead torrent. This upload here takes all corrections, addendums, artwork supplied (with full corrections there also) and given knowledge into account and it is presented as the most accurate and full version I believe to be found. As of now anyway, May-June 2008. You can read the included text below and you will see there is still some discrepancy concerning some files, but, as I said... I have tried to account for everything I could as this being the most complete and accurate version to be found. I would think any interested in this upload would know what it is and by whom... but, I'll offer up the link to the AMG bio of the band, so others unknowing can read it over.

Here is the link - All Music Guide Bio

So, as this group and this item usually does bring up some discussion, I welcome them all. Especially you older traders who know of this might add your assessment as to the music, the group, or this particular upload... in general or specifics. I just wanted to share this to any interested and to simply unify it all with the corrections and such, and to continue it along for the enjoyment of others. If anyone was overlooked or not mentioned for there involvement with any of this project, I apologize.'s just about sharing for the enjoyment and enlightenment of yourself and others. Enjoy...


Canobits (Rare Studio & Live Material)

This material became available from "wreka" who allowed them to be vined on the Canopener mail list. These are selections of tapes that he obtained years ago from a friend of the band. The comments supplied are from Gunther and Wreka of the Canopener group.

Tapes GenX > Trades > Files uploaded to Dime > DL > Compiled files including corrections and titling > Current torrent

CD 1 - Canobits: Early Canobits 1968-75

01 - Upduff's Birth (16:41) (Instrumental birth of "Mother Upduff" Studio '68)
02 - Outside My Door (4:43) (With vocals by Malcolm Mooney)
03 - Man Named Joe (3:31) (With vocals by Malcolm Mooney)
04 - Rehearsal (11:28) (With vocals by Tim Hardin; he starts @ 5:29 min)
05 - Morning Glory (14:27) (#4 & #5 both recorded on 21 November 1975, at Hatfield.)
06 - Soundcheck (15:34) (Recorded at Drury Lane, London 23 November 1975 with Tim Hardin.)

Total Disc Time: 66:24.45

CD 2 - Canobits: Inner Space with Damo

01 - Tagothrowaway (35:33) (This track was literally a throwaway from the 'Tago Mago' sessions.)
02 - Doko E (36:30)
03 - Turtles Have Short Legs (3:35) (A slightly shorter version became b-side to "Spoon.")

Tracks recorded with Damo Suzuki between 1971 to 1975.

Total Disc Time: 75:39.32

CD 3 - Canobits: Studio Dubs 1975

01 - I'm Your Doll [Stone Strike] (8:48) (Part of 'Stone Strike' from the Edinburgh gig of 73 [Damo's last gig].)
02 - Hot Day In Koln [Hakucho No Uta] (6:01) (Part of "Hakucho No Uta", from the Edinburgh gig of 73.)
03 - Finished? (44:08) (Overdub of track "Unfinished" [on the 'Landed' album] which was titled "Finished?")
All tracks with vocal overdubs by Michiko Nakao recorded in 1975 when Can was trying out new vocalists.

Total Disc Time: 58:58.29

CD 4 - Canobits: Live 1975-1977

01 - Frenische (23:23) 75-July-13 = [Musik-Forum - Siegendorf, Austria]
02 - Stomp (8:35) 75-July-9 = [Musik-Forum - Siegendorf, Austria]
03 - Spree (14:52) 76-Dec-4 = [New Victoria Theatre - London, England]
04 - The Jet (8:45) 75-July-13 = [Musik-Forum - Siegendorf, Austria]
05 - Pinch (7:37) 77-Mar-2 = [University - Keele, England] (Fades Out)

Total Disc Time: 63:13.08

Notes and Alternative Titles for CD 4:
Track 01: (Gunter) "The first part sounds similar to live versions of "Dizzy Dizzy", from the 75 tours. My best guess for the real origin of this show would be somewhere in Germany, ca 1974 or 75, with the 4 core members. Bass is clearly Holger, not Rosko. Some hostile (or drunk ?) members of the crowd yell out after the first part: Buh, Aufhören! This is German for, "Booh, stop it"... !!!??? It is clearly more than just one person yelling German abuse at the band, making an English venue unlikely."
Track 02: (Wreka): "Recorded live at Sutton Coldfield Slipper Baths ["the date I have is 26 August 1976, but this might be wrong"]"
Track 03: (Gunter): "Beginning sounds like it is maybe the opener of a show, with the band just coming on stage. The feel of the track is a lot more 76 or 77, probably Rosko on bass. Some faint noises, then voices, probably coming from Holger's tapes and short wave receiver are audible from 5'30''."
(Wreka): "Recorded live at New Victoria, London, 21 December 1976"
Track 04: "Rhythm at the beginning is clearly of "Vitamin C". Michael asks in German whether somebody can get some wine for the band. Maybe again clue for a German venue, Michael would not have had any problems to ask for wine in English".
Track 05: (Gunter): "Clearly Can with Rosko on bass and Holger operating his tapes and shortwave receiver". (Wreka) "Recorded live at Stoke Latines [Date Unknown] "

01 - Slipper Baths (23:19)
02 - Stonamman (8:32)
03 - Spree (14:49)
04 - Slipper Baths 2 (8:45)
05 - Chairside Thumper (7:36) (Fades Out)

There still is some question as to what exactly is totally correct concerning these live tracks. I have titled them as to what I think is currently more prefered.

Notes and corrections by Gunter and Wreka.

Artwork supplied by tubbyslion and miciah is included.

Hope you enjoy the music... and until next time

Mother Sky



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I applaud the effort you put into this. Very nice job.

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thanks for the kind words, space is the place!

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Hi. I was wondering if you knew what year Canobits was released? I'm trying to organize my Can folder. :-) Asked on, but thought I'd ask if you knew, too. Hope you're well.


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Canobits was unofficially released in 2005