Friday, May 23, 2008

May 23, 2008: Album of the Day Vol. 001: Guru Guru - 1972 - Känguru

This is the first in a series of album recommendations involving groups from previous generations and now. Artists and groups who, we feel, should be more recognized within the general populous.


01. Oxymoron (10:33)
02. Immer Lustig (15:37)
03. Baby Cake Walk (10:57)
04. Ooga Booga (11:11)

Total Time: 48:18


- Ax Genrich / guitar
- Uli Trepte / bass
- Mani Neumeier / drums, keyboards
- Conrad Plank / guitar, keyboards

All Music Guide review by Skip Janses:

Third album by the essential Krautrock power trio Guru Guru's early forays is as essential to the avant-rock collector as Faust's Faust Tapes, Can's Tago Mago, and the early experiments of Kraftwerk and Neu! This album dates from 1972 and is an unprecedented display of drone-rock on the heavier, psychedelic side of the '70s German underground. Guru Guru's lineup changed periodically, and throughout the '70s, the project took contributions from Conny Plank and Hans-Joachim Roedelius, among others, and were tightly connected with the Kraftwerk off-shoot Harmonium. This album is undoubtedly one of their greater works, alongside UFO and Hinten recorded by the essential trio of Ax Genrich on guitar, Uli Trepte on bass, and leader Mani Neumeier on drums and keyboards.

For more information on this band and their history, visit the page set up for them at the Prog Archives

Guru Guru - Ooga Booga - Bataclan March 10 1973

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